About Us

Scoutible is a game-based hiring platform, using immersive mobile games and sophisticated machine learning to pinpoint perfect-fit candidates for jobs. Scoutible’s technology measures a person's unique cognitive and personality traits through gameplay, then spots opportunities where players’ attributes match those of a company's proven top performers.

Scoutible is a member of Stanford University's StartX accelerator, IBM's Global Entrepreneurs Program, and is backed by Mark Cuban, NEA, and other top investors, advisors, and collaborators passionate about the future of work.

Our Investors

Who We Are

Angela Antony
J.D. at Harvard Law School
M.B.A. at Harvard Business
Psychology B.A. with Highest Honors at Harvard College.
Tyler Law
VP Product
Lives and breathes games.
Previously co-founder @NautGames and @FilamentGames.
Dan Troon
Lead Game Developer
Previously Senior Game Engineer @FilamentGames.
Shawn Marks, Ph.D.
Data Science
Shawn earned his PhD in Neuroscience from UC Berkeley, where he studied memory and Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.
Brendan Borin, Ph.D.
Data Science
Brendan is a former structural biologist who earned his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt.
Emily Tan
Business Operations
As a Duke graduate, Emily has worked in business development and sales @J.P. Morgan, APT (a Mastercard company), and various startups.
Andrew Ross
Product Manager
Andrew started his career in technology as a programmer and has built product for brand giants like Disney, L’Oreal, and Coca-Cola.
Jason Durant
Lead Developer
Jason, the team’s full stack developer, has worked on everything from analytics dashboards to microservices and data pipelines.
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Our Advisors

Mark Cuban
Lead Investor
Lead investor in Scoutible.
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks.
Investor on ABC Shark Tank.
Weekly active advisor.
Joel Poloney
Technical Advisor
Founder of FarmVille (acquired by Zynga).
Founder and CTO at Toro (acquired by Google).
Holly Rose Faith
Talent Advisor
Formerly Talent @Khosla Ventures, and MBA/JD/MD/PhD consultant recruiting at Bain & Co.
Iqram Magdon-Ismail
Co-founder @Venmo (acquired by Braintree/PayPal).
Akshay Kothari
Co-Founder of Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn).
Country Manager & Head of Product, India @LinkedIn.